St John is a global non-profit organisation present in more than 40 countries with a member base of staff and volunteers exceeding 300’000 worldwide.

St John is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown also known as an order of Hospitaler Knights formed as far back as 1070 AD. Through time, St John has evolved into a multicultural, charitable and respectable organisation with an aim to encourage, promote and support the communities in which it holds a presence and to uphold the integrity of the Order of St John, committed to the service of others.

St John has been actively involved in South Africa healthcare for over 130 years, pioneering the earliest classes in first aid during the Zulu War and has developed into a diverse South African organisation which offers a bouquet of prehospital services. These include country specific first aid training, eye care including optometry and ophthalmology, home based care training and home care nursing for people living with chronic illnesses, as well as programs in youth development and upliftment. St John is based in 8 major centres across 6 provinces with a national footprint and further spread into parts of SADAC and East African Countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.

Since its inception, more than 900 years ago, the organisation has grown into a well-respected medical provider with a broad offering of healthcare related services and is accredited by both governments and partners such as the United Nations.


St John Ambulance is a certified healthcare provider in Emergency Medical Services. St John Ambulance is unique in the industry as a doctor-led prehospital focused extension of St John with a niche in emergency medicine.

This extension of St John focusses on emergency/primary response, inter-facility transfers, and event medical coverage. The organisation has the ability to provide a full scope of emergency medical services for communities countrywide as well international clients.

Our ambulance service incorporates medical specialists, paramedics, nurses, allied professionals and first aiders which gives our emergency services an edge over our competitors in not only a wider knowledge base, but also in having access to a large network of healthcare providers and a deep well of experts on whom we draw to ensure a very high level of quality control. 

Our organizational structure and business model has been designed to be able to offer a top quality service/product offering, whilst simultaneously placing patients above profits owing to our NPO status and our longstanding heritage of caring for some of the most needy in society. We have maintained excellent working relationships with local and national Government alike, and often work closely with these entities.

We have maintained excellent working relationships with local and national Government alike, and often work closely with these entities. Our service is provided to both the private and public sectors, with a primary goal of rendering first world best practice prehospital medical care to as many South Africans as possible.

Our ambulances are staffed with trained emergency medical practitioners who maintain treatment of the highest level of quality. In the same breath, our vehicles are accredited with the BHF and are Department of Health compliant; taking all necessary measures to adhere to the current researched infection prevention strategies.